What is Design WhatHaveYou?

Design WhatHaveYou is a multidisciplinary art and design studio featuring the work of artist/designer Ashley Schwebel. We're know for our concrete jewelry, but we also work on sculptures, paintings, what have you. Concrete is our material of choice, but we also work with wood, metals, fabric, plastics, and whatever else we come across.



July 2019 - Boston Voyager Interview

August 2018 - I {heart} Rhody interview


Who is Ashley Schwebel?

Ashley Schwebel is an industrial artist/designer, living and working in Providence, RI. Originally from NY State-Ashley grew up outside of Poughkeepsie, NY but found herself in Buffalo, NY for a number of years, enrolled at SUNY Buffalo's School of Architecture, studying and being taken by the city, its history, and buildings. But after experiencing 50 straight days of snow, Ashley said goodbye to Buffalo and transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she received her BFA in Industrial Design in 2010. In both her art and design work, she works in a number of mediums, exploring different processes, materials, and design elements. She is greatly influenced by the urban environment in which she creates, and her approach is informed by a desire to find unique character in a progressively mass-produced world. Her favorite color is fluorescent green and she drinks an absurd amount of coffee.


So...why is it called 'Design WhatHaveYou'?

I have a last name that doesn't sound how it looks ("Schwebel", pronounced "Shway-bul"), so it was never going to be "Ashley Schwebel Designs" and I don't think I, as a person, is the sell behind what I do, so for that reason too I didn't want to use my name. Also, I went to art school and felt I should come up with something more creative.

I wanted a name that said what I did. At the time I came up with the name,  I was fresh out of school with my degree in industrial design and imagined I would be focusing mostly on design work. In my practice, I work on a bunch of different projects-"everything and everything else" was an original tagline. So I went with 'Design WhatHaveYou'- "What have you" is an older idiom, one which I use with some frequency, meaning "and other similar thing", or essentially, "ectera".

I've thought about changing it at different points. I frequently shortened it to "DWHY", and I use that as my logo and as a shortened website address currently. But over the years, I feel it still holds up to what I do, and I truly think its one of the better things I've come up with.